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Texting behind the wheel is more dangerous than you think

How many text messages do you send each day? You might even send while multi-tasking, for instance you may ask when family members will be home while cooking dinner. You could even be so pressed for time that you look down at the stop light to read a text or compose text messages while driving to pick up kids at their activities. 

Most car crashes caused by negligent drivers

Many people in Virginia are severely injured in motor vehicle collisions every year. Across the country, thousands of people lose their lives or suffer permanent disabilities due to crashes. This can pose a particular danger on holiday weekends when the roads are crowded as drivers hit the road to go on vacation or celebrate with family and friends. In some cases, crashes may be caused by mechanical problems, wildlife or out-of-control weather. However, the vast majority of damaging collisions are linked to negligent and dangerous driving.

Most of the deadliest vehicles are small cars and sport coupes

Many car shoppers in Virginia understandably want to invest in vehicles that are stylish, practical, affordable and, more importantly, safe. Part of the reason for this focus on safety is the number of vehicle crashes that claim lives each year. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there were more than 37,000 deaths in 2017 alone. Fatal accidents continue to be a problem even with the increased availability of accident avoidance systems and similar technology.

Operation Safe Driver Week set for July 14-20

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be on the lookout for unsafe drivers from July 14 to 20. The event is called Operation Safe Driver Week, and it will affect both CMV and passenger vehicle drivers in Virginia and across the U.S. The focus of this year's event is once again speeding.

Truck crashes go up, putting other drivers at risk

Most Virginia residents are aware that truck accidents usually turn out worse for the occupants of any smaller vehicles that are involved. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration states that 72% of all fatalities in truck crashes are passenger vehicle occupants. More and more people are being put at risk as truck crash numbers rise.

Study: even light rain makes fatal car crash likelier

Virginia residents already know that heavy rain, ice and snow greatly increase the risk for car crashes. The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society has stated that these elements increase the risk for fatal crashes by 34%. However, even light rain has a negative effect, as one study from the North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies has found.

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