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May 2018 Archives

The similarities between drowsy driving and drunk driving

Many Virginia motorists may have taken to the road after having been awake for 18 hours or longer. In many cases, driving while deprived of sleep is not considered to be serious as an estimated 60 percent of adults have done it at least once. However, some safety advocates say that drowsy driving can be as bad as drunk driving.

Summer driving can carry accident dangers

Drivers in Virginia may wonder how best to improve road safety while driving in the summer. More and more drivers take to the roads during the warm months for vacations, day trips and family activities. This can include an increased number of teenagers on the road, especially since school is out for the summer. Unfortunately, summer driving can carry particular dangers for newer teen drivers, especially when they drive on crowded roads.

Trucker distraction could decrease with tech and data analysis

Distracted driving is a growing trend in Virginia and in the rest of the U.S. with cellphone use alone responsible for 26 percent of all collisions in the country. Every day, according to data analysis firm Zendrive, an estimated 69 million drivers pick up their phones and use them at least once. Other technologies, like GPS and infotainment systems, have created an addiction for many.

Safety group outlining plan to eliminate fatal accidents

Roadways across Virginia and the entire country are facing a large increase in fatal car accident rates. Despite the surge, a transportation safety coalition has recently released a report offering their plan to eliminate fatal accidents by 2050.

Distracted driving is more problematic in certain states

Virginia motorists are in the middle of the pack when it comes to using their mobile phones while driving. This is according to data released by Everdrive, a mobile app that tracks driver safety practices. While around 38 percent of car trips in Virginia involve a driver using their mobile phone, the number is higher in other states. Most of the states with the highest percentage of phone use while driving are in the South. The highest rate is in Mississippi, where 47 percent of car trips involve phone use.

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