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April 2018 Archives

Reach an amicable trucking accident settlement via arbitration

The victim of a trucking accident in Virginia and elsewhere around the country has the legal right to file a lawsuit for the purpose of receiving monetary compensation. A personal injury attorney decides whether the victim has a legitimate case. Trucking accident lawsuits are typically filed in court. However, many plaintiffs reach out-of-court settlements.

Distracted driving and car accident fatalities

Because the dangers of using a cellphone while driving get so much attention, some Virginia motorists may think it is a leading cause of accidents. However, a study by Erie Insurance found that cellphones are in second place to daydreaming as a leading distraction for drivers.

Professor says autonomous vehicles should not mimic humans

People in Virginia who follow developments in the autonomous car industry may be aware of a fatal accident that occurred in March involving a pedestrian and an autonomous Uber vehicle. The pedestrian reportedly stepped into a dark area of the road where there was no crosswalk moments before the car came along.

Spring is motorcycle season once again

Winter may still be battering parts of the Northeast, but signs of spring are emerging in Springfield. The warmer temperatures of April will bring many restive riders out on the roads for the first motorcycle ride of Spring 2018.

More drivers distracted on the roadways

Many drivers in Virginia know just how dangerous distracted driving can be; nevertheless, they continue to widely engage in these behaviors when they step behind the wheel. This is what is indicated by the results of a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, part of the annual Traffic Safety Culture Index that aims to measure American drivers' attitudes and behaviors toward highway safety. The research found that the number of drivers who say they have recently conducted a conversation on a handheld mobile phone while driving has gone up 46 percent since 2013, at the same time that 88 percent of participants noted that distracted driving is a rising major safety concern.

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