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February 2018 Archives

State governors can lead charge in reducing car crashes

Highway safety is a significant issue of concern for drivers on the streets in Virginia as well as state and local officials. Auto crashes can be the cause of devastating personal injuries, severe property damage and other major costs. The National Governors Association issued a report that aims to provide guidance and potential solutions to state governors working to help reduce the risk of traffic accidents on the roadways. The study focuses on the role that state governments can play in improving roadway safety, especially the importance of coordinating actions and efforts between different agencies and task forces.

Marijuana holiday and fatal vehicle crashes

April 20, the holiday set aside by marijuana users in Virginia and the rest of the nation to celebrate the drug, is associated with a slight increase in fatal motor vehicle accidents. This is according to a review of federal government data. While the study has not produced proof that marijuana was a factor in the crashes that occurred on April 20, marijuana is known to impair an individual's ability to drive, and other studies have shown that a large number of motorists who use the drug believe that it is safe to drive after doing so.

AAA study measures frequency of drowsy driving crashes

While not as deadly as distracted driving or DUI, drowsy driving may account for more crashes than some realize. Drivers in Virginia will want to know about a study just published by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, which monitored more than 3,500 drivers across the U.S. and analyzed their crash data.

Could technology save motorcyclists' lives?

If you're a motorcyclist, you have probably survived more close calls with motorists than you like to contemplate. From wearing reflective clothing to installing loud pipes on your bike, you've done all that you can to ensure that you are a visible, audible presence on the road.

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